Legacy Studio HD Black Oak


Legacy Studio HD pair in Black Oak finish with black grilles, X-demo low hours of use in like new condition with original package.

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For sale a pair of Legacy Studio HD in Black Oak finish with black grilles, X-demo low hours of use in like new condition with original package.


Studio HD

Originally designed as a monitor for a top recording studio, the Legacy Studio HD offers unmatched clarity and dynamics in a compact enclosure. Don’t let its size fool you. The Studio HD is a butt kickin’ compact monitor featuring an 8” Silver/Graphite bass/midrange driver and a 1” dual pole AMT folded ribbon.

The sound is open and airy, yet a kick drum “feels” like a kick drum. Vocals are robust and effortless. You can hear lungs fill with air before the first note is sung.

The Studio HD cabinet is constructed of 1.125″ MDF

“If you’re a foot-tapping fanatic of pace, rhythm, and timing, this might be the loudspeaker of your dreams.” Herb Reichert, Stereophile

1” Dual Pole AMT

The Legacy 1” dual pole AMT folded ribbon delivers airy and clear highs up to 30 kHz and is the same award-winning Legacy AMT found in the larger Focus SE & Aeris floor-standing speakers.

8” Proprietary Woofer

Studio HD features a proprietary 8” woven Silver/Graphite bass/midrange driver with a cast basket. The woofer is crossed over at 2.8kHz and a phase plug is implemented to prevent acoustic interference across the larger surface area of the driver. Thanks to extra deep tuning of this ultra-efficient driver, the Studio HD keep perfect rhythm down to the lowest note on the bass guitar- E 41 Hz.

Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire Capable

The rear terminal plate of the Studio HD features removable copper jumpers to facilitate bi-amping or bi-wiring if desired. The dual binding posts accommodate banana, spade or bare wire connections.

Independent high and low frequency contour switches allow you to adjust the speaker to your room.

System Type:

2 Driver, 2 Way

Tweeter:1″ dual pole AMT folded ribbon

Midwoofer:8″ Silver/Graphite woven diaphragm, cast basket, phase compensation plug

Frequency Alignment:B4 Reflex, rear ported

Inputs:2 pair binding posts for Treble and Bass

Recommended Amplification:15-200 watts

Frequency Response (Hz +/- 2dB):41-30k

Impedance:4 Ohm

Sensitivity:91 dB (2.83V @ 1m)


Dimensions (HxWxD, inches)13 x 10.8 x 10.8

Weight:30 lbs each

Shipping Weight:74 lbs per pair

Weight20 kg


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