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Exposure 2510 black


Brand new Exposure 2510 black

2510 Integrated Amplifier Specs:

75W RMS per channel into 8 Ohms
Five line inputs
MM phono stage fitted as standard
Separate pre-amp output
High quality capacitors used in the signal path
Uniquely tuned short signal and power supply path PCB
Cascode circuitry utilised for improved power supply immunity
Remote control

Exposure 2510
Tarun’s amplifier of the year for 2021. The Exposure 2510 is designed for the purist. A passive preamp and amplifier section handle the heavy lifting and the phono preamp is quite capable as well.

With a focus on dynamics, scale, and tonal accuracy, the 2510 is an excellent component to build a system around. There is a touch of warmth in the midrange but it’s a very detailed and natural sounding amplifier.

If your musical tastes lean towards jazz, classical, vocalists, and acoustic instruments — the Exposure 2510 is remarkable piece of kit that flies under the radar.

Weight8 kg


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