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Bohmer Audio Wavelet II


Böhmer Audio Wavalet ,in mint condition

For Sale a demo Boxed unit Böhmer Audio Wavalet ,in mint condition with all accessories, the same unit that Legacy Audio use, except that in this specific unit the X-over option is deactivated.

Bohmer Audio Wavelet is a high end preamplifier with high performance Dac and sophisticate room parametric EQ/correction with the unique time domain delay.

Its comes with matching microphone and Wi-Fi adapter and USB stick and remote control.

You can also control through webpage from your mobile/tablet/laptop etc for more options including room correction process, presets options etc.

The Wavelet II have the capability to play back a chirp sweep and capture the loudspeaker response in your room through the matching microphone  at 1.25cm on tweeter axis and send it via the Internet and receive the filter info. that you can load in order to correct your sound in your place.

The Wavelet II

As for the other roles of the Wavelet II, it is a lot more than a DAC and preamp, and is a major upgrade from the original Wavelet. The Wavelet II hosts a powerful, 64-bit digital-signal-processing engine, which affords 256 times the dynamic resolution and at a sampling rate of 192kHz, twice the frequency of the 56-bit/96kHz Wavelet original. An internal Raspberry Pi4 computer handles the communications for the Wavelet II and hosts the remote interface for your mobile device or computer.

The Wavelet II provides communications with the Bohmer server in Sweden, where a powerful math coprocessor performs thousands of iterative calculations, using least-squares regression to optimize time-based corrections. Unlike other room-correction methods, the Bohmer software samples the frequency continuum over a 50ms decay window from 10Hz to 30kHz. This is accomplished on the path to the listener at a position 48″ in front of the speaker. Measurement-signal files, the microphone-calibration file, and coefficients for the correction algorithm are all hosted in the Wavelet II’s onboard computer.

The Wavelet 2 features a convenient, single-page dashboard control, which enables the user to select the source, adjust volume, contour the tonal balance of a recording, and enable the room correction, apodizing filters, and other features. These features can be toggled on/off individually or collectively with the bypass button for comparison.

There is a switchable Omnio technology that improves channel separation and restores the directional vector relationship to depth and position cues. In addition, you can use a well-designed web remote control that provides gain, balance, and input switching, and an off/on setting for room control, automated setup, and fine-tuning of frequency response via minimum phase filters over six frequency bands.

You can adjust the speaker’s tonal contour and save different adjustments for different types of recordings using six different controls. The top plateau of each such filter is listed below along with its impact. The turnover (hinge) frequency for these adjustments is an octave below for treble contours and an octave above for bass. Except for the Punch contour, each is a gentle, shelf-type, minimum-phase adjustment:

•Brilliance: controls the “air” and definition of a recording above 10kHz.

•Low-Treble: adjusts the brightness or forwardness above 3kHz.

•Upper-Bass: adjusts the fullness or bloom of vocals, cello, etc. below 300Hz.

•Mid-Bass: determines the apparent speed of decay of bass frequencies. Reducing will tighten; slight boosts will warm below 150Hz.

•Low-Bass: adjusts the overall weight or heaviness below 75Hz.

•Punch: controls the drive or impact felt from the rhythm at 55Hz.



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