Your hifi store in Cyprus, matching audio components, audiophile hi-end tube amplifiers, speakers, amplifiers, DACs , CD players, turntables, cartridges, hi-end cables and hi-fi racks.


Our mission is to provide the world's finest high fidelity offerings in our hifi Cyprus store. Only after a Hi Fi component passes our strictest tests and meets our high quality standards, we begin our exhaustive process matching procedure.

By matching audio components in your hifi Cyprus store, three basic truths will eventually become obvious

  1. Because of the laws of acoustics, the voice will always sound slightly different in each location
  2. Despite that, and even with your eyes shut, you will always be able to identify the voice and the fact that the particular person is actually present in all those various locations
  3. Most importantly, you will know both of these facts to an absolute certainty, and without having "to think" about them

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Brand and product matching

At Dreamcrest hifi Cyprus, we match audio components whose sonic characteristics are most complementary, thereby creating systems that capture the magic of the live experience. Choose from a range of quality brands and pre-owned equipment and let us match your system.


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