DREAMCREST AUDIO FIDELITY Your hifi store in Cyprus

We are matching audio components, audiophile hi-end tube amplifiers, speakers, amplifiers, DACs , CD players, turntables, cartridges, hi-end cables and hi-fi racks.


Our mission is to provide the worlds finest high fidelity offerings in our hifi Cyprus store.

Only after a Hi Fi component passes our strictest tests and meets our high quality standards, we begin our exhaustive process matching procedure.

DREAMCREST AUDIO FIDELITY focuses on higher quality hi-fi speakers and separates, music systems, home cinema designed to offer the most enjoyment of music and movies at your place.



Dreamcrest Audio Fidelity Ltd is a company based in Nicosia, CYPRUS, which has specialized in high-end audio.

Established for many years in the local but also in the international market providing trade-in solutions from our wide range of pre-owned audio equipment.


In everything we do, customer service is of the highest importance to us. We want to make upgrading your speakers or hi-fi as easy as possible.

We already offer for convenience and try before you buy demonstrations in our showroom. But we understand its still an expensive investment to upgrade and it usually leaves you with other your old equipment to sell.

Here in Dreamcrest Audio we offer part exchanges to trade in your old equipment to reduce the cost of upgrading.


19:43 15 Jun 23
DreamCrest Audio Fidelity LTD exceeded my expectations! Their product selection is impressive, the audio quality is outstanding, and their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend DreamCrest to anyone seeking high-quality audio equipment. They are truly a leader in the industry. A fantastic experience overall!
ohad dahanohad dahan
12:33 09 Aug 22
Best audio dealer period!Verey profesional kind and patient for any qustion or problem.When you buy a certain audio equipement its the same in all stores the dealer is what counts and nick is that guy you can trust to give you the best service.Highly recomndedAnd the prices are more then fair!
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